Nayak The Real Hero Movie Reviews

a reasonably exciting plot, a commendable performance from the leading artiste, lavish manufacturing values and awesome portions of motion — Nayak – The actual Hero has all the substances that make a commercially feasible film. Anil Kapoor in Nayak

Nayak fails in the maximum significant branch of filmmaking — the ability to hold the audience for 3 hours.

Director Shankar, who regaled moviegoers with the hard-hitting Hindustani (Kamal Haasan and Manisha Koirala), appears to have misplaced track in the midst of the movie.

Nayak may want to without difficulty were an apt successor to Hindustani. but it clearly lacks the soul and spirit of the latter.

The tale is reasonably distinctive and, consequently, stands out. Shivajirao (Anil Kapoor), is a cameraman operating for a television channel. way to his courageous act for the duration of a mob situation, he is promoted to the publish of a reporter (are not these completely various professions?) Anil Kapoor and Rani Mukherji in Nayak

what’s extra, for his very first stint as reporter, he gets to do a live interview with the Maharashtra chief Minister (Amrish Puri).

problem begins whilst Anil begins to grill Puri, hurling charges of corruption with recorded coverage as proof to substantiate his allegations — all this on stay telecast. Trapped with out a manner out, the CM demanding situations Shivajirao to simply accept his post for a day to realize what a thankless and tough job it is.

Anil accepts the provide.

The following few reels are instead interesting, with the brand new CM-for-a-day Shivajirao taking a few radical steps to cleanse the machine. This consists of spot-suspension of government officers ‘ the CM’s typist is quite hilarious, with a typewriter hung around his neck and speeding off orders.

Anil Kapoor and Rani Mukherji in Nayak earlier than his term ends at sunrise, Shivajirao introduces new guidelines, sacks corrupt ministers, even gets some arrested, which include the previous CM. He even indulges in a fight-to-the-end combat with nearby goons ‘ something our nearby politicians truly want to check out.

The audience is sure to take this a part of the film nicely. despite the fact that Shivajirao’s antics appear improbable and unrealistic, the impact is both wonderful in addition to powerful.

the second 1/2 of the movie is a piece of a drag, and could do with a few trimming. essentially, it makes a speciality of Puri’s revenge against Shivajirao after reaching energy. The rest of it is about how Shivajirao is initiated by his supporters to come back lower back to politics again. And, after an complicated blood-and-gore drama, the changes that he brings approximately within the device.

Nayak may want to have without difficulty long gone the Hindustani way, with its bold, radical stance. The cliches and typecasts wreck the film


at the fine aspect, the plot is unconventional. even though it appears impractical, the director has put in efforts to make it appearance plausible. The scene earlier than Anil takes oath as CM, in which all the party members weigh the professionals and cons of Puri’s assignment, could be very pertinent.

Anil Kapoor and Rani Mukherji in Nayak Anil Kapoor is a satisfaction to look at. it is tough to imagine all and sundry else on this function, with the exception of perhaps Aamir Khan. The role requires a sure quantity of dignity, truthfulness and integrity, which Anil provides absolutely.

The actor is in top shape during. It would not be wrong to nation that Nayak can be among his profession’s great performances.

Rani Mukherji plays Anil’s ladylove inside the movie and, as predicted, she has little or no to do except being part of some magnificently picturised songs. once again, her voice is a major distraction — specifically inside the scenes wherein she’s seeking to be exuberant.

Amrish Puri is his regular self. but it is Paresh Rawal who steals the show. because the CM’s upright assistant, he provides excellent aptitude to his man or woman and to the movie, as an entire.

The movement scenes are a treat, particularly the only with Anil in the mud. This scene became shot with the help of 36 cameras which, in itself, is a feat. The Matrix-styled sequence is a pleasure to watch, although it desires to be chopped.

Rani Mukherji in NayakThe rest of the stunts are pretty exciting and, every so often, even risky ‘ the fight collection atop a double-decker nice bus is an part-of-the-seat adventure.

Shankar displays large ease whilst filming the crowd sequences ‘ and there are quite some on this film. maximum of the movie has been shot on real locations. And that’s what provides to the flavor.

In truth, Shankar does a stark contrast in his picturization of scenes and songs.

The climax has great effect. And if at all the target market does not walk out until the give up of the movie, it’ll be due to this. The very last war of words among Amrish and Anil is one of the film’s highlights.

at the turn facet, the second half of is once in a while monotonous. The Saiyan saiyan music, though extraordinarily imaginatively shot, needs to be chopped.

Anil Kapoor and Rani Mukherji in Nayak The comedy song of the movie is the most annoying part. Johny Lever is going over the pinnacle and is the worst thing about Nayak. it’s most unfortunate that the film starts with him and Razzak Khan doing an surely distasteful act. it’s a disgrace that Shankar had to lodge to such insipid humour to lighten the mood of his film.

Nayak does name for one viewing. The movie can be aimed toward the hundreds at big and the violence within the film may maintain the classes away. however as a subject, it’s miles novel. One only hopes director Shankar had dealt with it with greater maturity.